The Sun will be eclipsed in Aquarius by the new Moon and Ketu (the southern Node) at 9:58am (EST, please adjust for your time zone) on Sunday, February 26th.

This powerful eclipse will usher in a six-month time frame where we focus on serving something higher than ourselves, working together to achieve goals that benefit the needs of communities and common people rather than serving the interests of a powerful leader or monarch.

Aquarius is a place of intelligent, creative, steady and humble service, ruled by Saturn, the planet of hard work, difficulty and right action. Saturn generally brings a focus on solitude and humble service, but here in Aquarius, there is an important communal aspect that can bring wonderful opportunities, or dysfunction, depending on our intentions. When we offer our hard work for a cause greater than ourselves, out of devotion, gratitude or concern for those who are vulnerable, the work will be an offering, and often also a joy. But when we work because we feel we “should”, or to create an appearance of “goodness,” bitterness and resentment often poison our efforts. What or who do you love? What is a need in our world that’s important to you? How could you intelligently and creatively work toward a goal that is beyond your individual needs? Could you work with others to increase the likelihood of creating the outcome you envision? Remember that in the next six months all people will be motivated to create the future they desire for their community. Be prepared to encounter motivations and actions based on principles you don’t share. Aquarius is a place of intelligence and Venus and Mercury are well placed now for mutual respect and open-minded communication. But Mars will move to Aries on March 1st, creating a stronger desire to defend our individual principles and unique viewpoints. Creating a coalition to benefit the highest ideals will take a lot of skill and a willingness to think “outside the box.”

So it’s a good thing this eclipse takes place in the Nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Satabishak. This is a powerful place with a unique way of seeing and a focus on healing. Satabishak literally means “100 doctors” or “100 medicines.” It is sometimes translated as “eccentric genius.” So it’s wonderful that the Sun will be eclipsed in this part of Aquarius, where out-of-the-box thinking is a way of being and alternative modes of healing are the order of every day. Be willing to look at your intentions and projects from every vantage point and steer toward what will heal the world.

Satabishak is ruled by the ancient deity Varuna, Lord of the Waters. He is a mystical healer and also a creator of illusion. He rewards right action, and those who serve Dharma, but will allow injuries and illness to befall those who use poor judgment or work toward selfish ends. Varuna represents the vital connection between humanity and the Divine, so when we offer service from a humble and loving heart, he will be a channel where our right action meets grace. In the realm of Satabishak the atmosphere is charged with the power and potential of awakening. In the months ahead, we have the opportunity to be an expression of awareness and healing for the people of the world.