The Moon will be full in Libra, in the Nakshatra of Vishakha at 5:41pm (EST) on May 10th. Here in Libra, our emotional minds will be focused on mutual happiness and respect for the next two weeks. This is a rich time to work on our relationships with other adults, a time to seek balance and mutuality. It is a time to understand how much our relationships mean to us, bringing attention and appreciation to those relationships that feel balanced, and prompting us to heal or end those relationships that don’t feel worthy of our energy. Venus, who rules Libra and is the planet of relationships between adults is exalted until May 30th, bringing her highest expression of these qualities. The exalted Sun also fully aspects the Moon until 1:07am on May 11th. Wednesday is certainly an auspicious time to devote to special relationships in your life.

Vishakha Nakshatra is a place of courage and selfless love, where we are inspired by our highest beliefs and ideals to work hard and steadily. It is not a place that gives instantaneous results, but rather a place where steady persistence bears fruit, like the farmer who obtains a rich harvest after years of tending the soil and many months of intensive work with the plants of this season. This is a place where we develop patience and commit ourselves to that which is worth a lot of our time. As always, there is a shadow side—if we push our own agenda without consideration of others’ feelings and beliefs, we may win a battle or two, but we will lose the war. Here is Vishakha we must set our sights on goals that benefit everyone and be willing to take the time and make the efforts that will result in a beautiful harvest for all.